“Dramatic Life” - Learning English


Dramatic life is an activity that allow yourself to experience of learning English in a whole new level. It is a more effective and interesting way, other than just simply sitting inside a classroom, and ask your friends “What did the teacher just said?”, or copy as much as they can during lesson.


Adult 成年人

Dramatic life 戲劇人生

Within this activity, you will expose youself into a wide range, or may be new range of daily English. Of course, this activity is not only for learning daily English, but also learn how to act like a person that may, or may not have the same personality as before.

After joining this activity, you will not only taken away some English skill, but also important life skills, such as communication skill, presentation skill, and so much more that you cannot imagine.

So call us, and confirmed your seat now.



Mr. Boris Kong

     Hi, I am Boris. I am a degree holder of English Language Studies, and an experienced English Tutor in both local secondary and primary school.

I have the experience in study oversea, England, and five years of experience in teaching English language to Hong Kong student. Recently, I have also started to teach English to adult as well.

日期 : 2015年 6月22, 29 日 7月6, 13 日(星期一)

時間 : 19:00 – 21:30


原價 Price:$1500

* 如與朋友一起報讀可享二人或三人同行優惠價: 原價八折
* 20% off for signups of a group of two or three people


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